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Company Profile

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Jiangyin Zhengda Air Treatment Equipment CO., Ltd is established in 2003, situated in the sight fluttering flags' Yangtse Delta, located at The Country high and new Material Economy Development Zone along the Yangtse River in Jiangsu - - Jiangyin Shenda Technical Industry Garden, west near Shanghai and Ningbo Highway, east neighbour Beijing and Shanghai Highway, where the geographical position is extremely superior and the transportation is more convenient and quickly.


Our company main sells the Cooling Pad (alias Cellulose Pad), fan,evaporative air cooler and production line for cooling pad, also makes production of equipments. Before the company had been established, we had manufacted and sold the production equipments of cooling pad, is the first one of engaging in the Machine Manufacture Industry of Cooing Pad enterprises in domestic, has experienced the environmental protection temperature decrease products several renewals.


The Cooling Pad of Zhengda is a hi-tech and energy-saving product, often used as the core material of cooling humidification devices. The product is uniform colored and it is outstanding at strength and water absorption. Besides, it has a long service life. As all above, it is widely used in the general and different domains for well ventilated, cooling, humidification. For example, the ventilated and cooling of Industry (Textile mill, Food processing, Electron, Printing, Machinery, Tobacco etc.); the air conditioning of Civil (Markets, Supermarkets, Cafeterias, Waiting rooms and Recreation areas etc.); the Farming and Animal Husbandry (Greenhouse flowers and plants, Large raising livestock breeding farm), and so on.


The traditional freon air conditioner is lost over power in the useless process, poluuted the environment, and costed higher but not to make good cooling effect in the useless of Industry. Therefoe the Cooling Pad as the primary materials in environmental protection cooling serial products produced. They are not only protect environment, but also can suitably control the humidity.


The company is operated with an idea of “Sincere cooperation to get a development together.” And fosters talents unceasingly, follows the international profession standard, absorptes advanced scientific and technical payoffs, researches and develops new products unceasingly, tries hard for the environmental protection and own development. We have advanced profession equipment, uses the innovation the design idea, the reliable examination method and the consummation service and provides the high quality products to the costomers, and has won the customers’ trust. We have 35% products selling overseas every year, mainly South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and so on.


Welcoming friends from every domain cooperate with us sincerely and wholeheartedly.Your satisfaction is our eternal pursue!


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