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Wet curtain Profile

Wet curtain Profile

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Generally speaking, the best environment we want that suit to the growth of plant is in the temperature of 20-25℃ and in the humidity of 50-70%.The high indoor temperature will cause the plant out of condition or lead to the declination of the plant’s quality, and even make it die.

In the hot weather, as thermal conduction and heat radiation, if not take measures to cool down the temperature in the greenhouse, the temperature indoor will 10-20℃ higher than outside. As a result, productive activities will not be carried out normally.

So take effective measures to reduce the temperature in greenhouse is the unique approach to obtain high-yielding, high-efficiency and stability in production in summer.

The vertical ventilation and cooling combination of “Cooling Pad-Fan” is the most economical and effective cooling measures for greenhouse in summer.

Years of practice and application can testify that even in the very hot weather, the rational design of the installation of “Cooling Pad-Fan” cooling system can still control greenhouse temperature of 30℃or so.

So it will reduce the adverse effects of high temperature to a minimum.

In the hot summer, you really need the help of Zhengda Cooling Pad in your production.


Cooling Principle

Evaporative cooling is a natural phenomenon. It is just like that when the wind blows off the sea, it will lead the evaporation of the water, so the temperature will be lower. To reappearance of this physical process in fowl coop and the man-made greenhouse, you must get a surface which can allows the water’s evaporation, a water-supply systems which can drip the surface wet, and a control means which can allow the air pass through the surface to make the effective working of the whole system. Zhengda paper pad is the core part of “Cooling Pad-Fan” cooling system. There is a thin water film on the moiré surface of the fiber paper. When the outdoor air was dry and hot air through the pad by the fan, the water on the water film will absorb heat in the air, and then, evaporated into water vapor, so the cool and damp air will enter into the room. This natural process just like the wind blows off the water-surface.

Cooling Pad reducing the temperatures depend on the temperature different between the wet and dry bulb and the efficiency of the Cooling Pad. Cooling Numerical is the product of the two. When its operation is stable, the Cooling Pads’ efficiency is usually the same. We can see that, the hotter the weather is, the better the effect of the Cooling Pad will be. The heat source of the Greenhouse from: thermal conductivity, heat radiation. The heat load produced by thermal conductivity and heat radiation is determined by the weather conditions, the shade processing and structure of the greenhouse. All these heat which lead to the temperature rising in greenhouse must be excluded through ventilation. So suitable indoor ventilation is the basis of good “Cooling Pad-Fan” cooling systems.

Wen screens can reduce the air temperature on the wet and dry bulb temperature and the temperature difference at this time the curtain efficiency, cooling Numerical is the product of the two. Stable operation of the cooling temperature screens efficiency is usually the same. We can see that, in the very hot weather, the cooling effect of temperature screens better. Greenhouse from the heat source: thermal conductivity, thermal radiation. Thermal conductivity and thermal radiation heat load generated greenhouse depends on weather conditions and greenhouse structure of shade processing. All these lead to rising greenhouse temperature heat through ventilation to be excluded, suitable for indoor ventilation is a good wet screens - fan cooling systems.

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