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Wet curtain cooling


Wet curtain cooling

Wet curtain cooling


Application: apply to wet curtain cooling system

S personnel dense or use brief and need quick cool places, such as: hall, conference room, hall, churches, schools, dining hall, gymnasium, exhibition hall, shoe factory, garment factory, toy factory, market, etc.;

S for heating equipment or high temperature heat source place of production, such as: mechanical processing, plastic injection, electroplating, metallurgy, printing, food processing, glass, household appliances, such as production and processing workshop;

S have gas pollution and strong smell or dust larger sites, such as: hospital hall, waiting room, kitchen and chemical factory, plastics factory, electronics factory, the characteristic, tanneries, rubber factory, dyeing factory, etc;

S air quality requirements higher sites, such as: agricultural scientific research and cultivating center or base, greenhouse, textile workshop, etc.;

S need to open door store, supermarket, amusement park, casino waiting room, etc.;

S specially designed air conditioning energy conservation and environmental protection industry also can be applied to office and villas and other places.

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