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Aluminum alloy frame wet curtain


Aluminum alloy frame wet curtain

Aluminum alloy frame wet curtain

Sample application

The greenhouse cooling system is composed of wet curtain and fan, which can both effectively cool down and increase humidity. Wet curtain - negative pressure fan cooling system USES water circulation, water evaporation absorbs heat principle, is the new cooling equipment of energy conservation and environmental protection economy.

Advantages and scope of application:

1. Highly absorbent.

2. The evaporative cooling efficiency is strong.

3. High strength and no deformation.

4. Suitable for positive and negative pressure devices.

5. Durable

6. Energy conservation and environmental protection.

7. Easy to install

Poultry and livestock: chicken farms, pig, cattle, livestock farming, etc Greenhouse horticulture and: vegetables, seed storage room, flower planting, straw mushroom planting field, etc Industrial cooling: plant cooling ventilation, industrial humidification, places of entertainment, precooler, air handling units, etc

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